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Are choirs really only for trained singers?

It is interesting when talking to people that they believe that you have to be able to sing competently to be part of a choir or a vocal group, and so they never think that they could or would be accepted into a choir.

After having grown up in a musical family who sang anywhere, the car, church, shower, toilet and to anyone we knew who was celebrating a birthday, attending the Elder Conservatorium to study a Bachelor of Music in Performance (Voice), it was a thrill to come across a group of people who just loved to sing together, to create a beautiful sound and be filled with joy.

It dawned on me that experience and expertise doesn't always have to be the dominant factor in making music. Music is such a wonderful vehicle for amplifying emotion, it can fill us with love, contentment, melancholy but also serve us when we are feeling downtrodden, lonely, sad, angry and frustrated. Heightening those emotions, allowing us to live them out through music which in turn can allow us to appreciate or be cleansed.

So I have come to appreciate the reasons why community choirs that allow all people to come along and sing, learn a little about their voices, be thrilled or moved are an important part of our mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

Who cares if you are not the greatest singer?

Who cares if you can't read music, who cares if you have never sung a harmony or if you have only sung for yourself?

If singing with others makes your day brighter, makes your smile bigger and makes your heart burst with happiness then find a choir that will welcome your enthusiasm and your voice.

Real reasons to join a choir and not my raving:-

1) Great for your social life and strengthens the feeling of togetherness and inclusion

2) Improves your hearing, innate musicality and use of your singing voice

3) Great stress buster and helps regulate your heart.

4) Allows you to be part of a creative network of people.

5) It lifts your spirits and makes you feel wonderful.

Birds of a Feather Community Choir based in Bridgewater in the Adelaide Hills meets every Wednesday between 7pm - 8:30pm and anyone is welcome to join us - no audition, no experience or expertise required, just a willing spirit to be expressive through music and your voice.

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