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How the expressions of an Autistic girl became a gift of music!

In August 2018, I was really privileged to be called up by Quentin Eyers to work on a really special project for a beautiful young lady, Benita Mae Rhodda who is 17 yrs old and she was born autistic. She has always had a lot of trouble verbally communicating with people and because of that she has always found everyday life a challenge. It was suggested by her teacher that she should try writing song lyrics and all of a sudden her way of communicating became really, really visible to her family, this is what she could do to communicate with them and with other people.

She has the most wonderful grandfather who decided - I want to do something to make you, my granddaughter, feel special and I want you to feel bigger and better than you have ever felt before.

He took these song lyrics and found a composer, Quentin Eyers, who composed music for these song lyrics and then they were professionally recorded and I was privileged enough to be asked to record one of Benita's songs. So she has a CD of twelve of her songs that her grandfather has funded and made happen which has now been released.

What an amazing grandparent!! They are good moments, when you know you are contributing to someone feeling awesome!

Lyrics by Benita Mae Rhodda, Composed by Quentin Eyers

You can read all of this wonderful story and purchase Expressions by Benita Mae at

Benita Mae Rhodda, Michelle Nightingale and Quentin Eyers

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