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What to ask when choosing a singing teacher!

So, you have decided that you would like singing lessons! Finding the right singing teacher is so important because singing is such a personal thing, we are the instrument! Everyone has a different reason for why they want to have singing lessons and it is essential that both the student and teacher are on the same page.

I have put together a few points that you may want to consider when engaging a singing teacher for you or for your child.

You want a teaching environment where you feel comfortable, where you feel motivated, inspired, challenged and safe to explore the capabilities of your voice and ability.

The following questions are ones you should ask a potential singing teacher.

1) What sort of technique do you teach? Are technical exercises part of your teaching?

2) What styles of music do you specialise in? What music styles do you teach?

3) What are your teaching/performing credentials?

4) Are you currently singing, performing or undertaking lessons with a vocal teacher?

5) Do you have performing opportunities for students?

6) How long do your lessons go for and what format does each lesson take?

7) What is the cost of each lesson and how do you handle payments?

8) Do you provide music and resource materials?

9) Do you teach with live accompaniment or recorded backings?

10) Do you teach microphone technique or projection?

Simple questions that will give you an idea if this may be the right teacher for you before getting to the first lesson.

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