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Are YOU Up For The Challenge...?

Extreme Theatre is coming to Adelaide and we want YOU!


It's going to be fast. It's going to be furious. Most of all it's going to be loads of FUN!


If you're aged 13 - 21 and are ready to put your acting, design or production skills against the clock. We'd love you to help us create two plays in just 24 hours!

New dates to be announced soon!

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A play in a day? Are we mad...?

Limelight Theatrics isn't your ordinary theatre company or drama club.

Our experienced creative team have worked with children and young adults for decades and we know the young people of Adelaide are ready for something new and exciting.

  • we're doing away with weeks of rehearsals;

  • putting an end to ferrying kids around to weekly classes;

  • saying enough to lost school holidays;

  • eliminating weeks of late-night performances and;

  • giving young people the opportunity to immerse themselves and grow their theatre skills over one intensive (but FUN weekend).

We can't wait for you to be part of it!

"The guidance of the directors and production team has helped me grow as a performer and find my own unique characterisation..."

Callum | Performer

At Limelight we're passionate about helping incubate the next generation of performers, creators, designers and production professionals.

Extreme Theatre offers no space for perfection - only teamwork, collaboration, hard work and bringing your best.


We're committed to teaching young people to embrace being imperfect and to show up as the very best version of themselves.

When you join us you'll come away with more than your name on the program...

Coaching from some of Adelaide's best theatre professionals.
Skills that improve and build on those you've learnt at school or other theatre groups.
The confidence to embrace imperfection and build resilience.
Friendship, warm fuzzies and connections with other creative young people.
Small group training in all areas of performance and production.
Access to professional theatre contacts including casting agent and directors.

How Extreme Theatre Works

February 10th and 11th 2023 | Goodwood Community Theatre


Friday 5.30pm - 10pm

Turn up ready for a quick intro to our two secret plays. After an audition skills workshop, you'll perform a piece of one play so our creative team can allocate parts. We then jump into the first read-through of each play.

If you've joined our design or production crew this is your chance to start getting your design juices flowing.


Saturday 8am - 5pm

Arrive bright-eyed ready to get stuck into a day of rehearsal fun.

During the day you will be mentored by some of the best creatives in Adelaide with short workshops, coaching sessions and intensive rehearsals.

Our creative team will be on the clock costuming and designing.


Saturday 6pm - 8pm

After a mindfulness session, dinner and final rehearsal we'll do our last preparations, costume up, set the stage and welcome our audience into the theatre.

Curtains must be down at 8pm to complete the challenge!

"When I did my first show with the Limelight team I'd started to lose faith in my acting abilities but Michelle totally changed that..."

Harriet | Performer

What's Included

1 1/2 days of high energy theatre experience


Training by some of Adelaide's best professionals

Meals provided Saturday + snacks Friday and Saturday 

Small group workshops and mentoring

Safe, inclusive environment for 13 - 21 year olds


Licensed script


Access to a professional casting agent & other industry professionals

Professional digital headshot

Limelight Theatrics t-shirt

Discount tickets for family and friends


"Zac and India have been instrumental in helping build my daughter's skills and confidence as a performer whilst role modelling being all-round awesome humans!"

Elizabeth | Parent


The Extreme Team

Our experienced creative team has several decades of combined experience in performance, theatre design, stage management and tech. 

Directors India Carnell and Zac Eichner are led and mentored by our founder and stalwart of the Adelaide theatre, television and film industry, Michelle Nightingale.

Our tech team is supported by professional lighting designer Matt Ralph and experienced professional stage manager Heather Jones.


Whether you choose to work with us as a performer or as part of our design or production crew you will come away with the benefit of our combined theatre experience, including;


> Audition and screen test skills

> Improvisation

> Characterisation

> Voice work

> Stage presence

> Physicality

> Stage design

> Front-of-house and backstage operations

"I'm excited about joining extreme theatre and learning to work better under pressure and improve my acting skills at the same time."

Savannah | Performer

Not Sure If Limelight Is For You?

We get it! Trying a new thing can feel BIG.


We started Limelight to help break down the belief that you need to have a lifetime of experience to try your hand at theatre. 


Extreme theatre is the perfect way to boost your skills and build your confidence if...


  • You've always wanted to try your hand at acting but aren't sure if it's your thing;

  • Have started school drama and want to get a head start on your classmates;

  • Love design, tech or organising people and want to test your skills in a new environment;

  • Have performed before and want to take your performance ability to a whole new level;

  • Don't have loads of time to commit to a traditional theatre show (hello Year 12);

  • Get a bit overwhelmed 'people-ing' for long periods of time and like things short and sharp;

  • Struggle to remember scripts or learn lines but still want to strut your stuff on stage;

  • Live in a regional centre or away from Adelaide and want to experience big(ish) city theatre or;

  • Any other reason you could possibly think of!

Our entire team is here to help make your theatre experience exciting, fun AND memorable. 

$249 per person


Do I need to have experience to join?

No, nope, nup, nada, none. You just need a great attitude, willingness to learn and mild desire to check out which ever part of the theatre excites you (performance, design or tech).

This seems a bit pricy for a 2 day experience

Ok whilst officially not a question we're prepared to counter the statement.... because we believe the value you get working with us isn't based on the time you spend but what you come away with.


When you look at it like that you get a LOT of bang for your buck!

Performers who have worked with us in the past have told us they've got more intensive, real-life, high-quality theatre experience working with us for a couple of days than they did from months (sometimes years) of drama classes or long drawn-out productions.


That being said if you'd like to discuss payment options with us, don't hesitate to email

Does your team have all the right checks?

Our entire team has Government mandated Working With Children clearance. They're also verified all round good humans!

My child has ASD is this going to be an issue?

Limelight is passionate about creating a welcoming, accepting and big-hearted environment for ALL kids. There's a space on our registration form for you to outline any special considerations we may need to make for your child and also book in a time to have a chat with us if you think they need some extra support with navigating the script, casting etc.

Why only 24 hours?

As parents, teachers, performers and theatre professionals we've worked with lots of children in lots of different capacities - from weekly lessons to professional shows. Over the past few years, we've seen the need grow for an intensive theatre experience that gives our older students the chance to keep participating in theatre whilst they juggle other school and uni commitments, and a low barrier, low commitment opportunity for younger or less experienced people to come and try theatre without families overhauling their already busy schedule. 

Plus play-in-a-day is kind of catchy - don't you think?

Can we buy tickets to come and watch?

Registration includes discounted tickets for family and friends but like every single theatre company on the planet, we will NEVER turn away a willing audience. You can book tickets HERE for our one and only show!

Is this a sleep over thing?

No need to bring your swag. You can head home on Friday night, sleep in your own bed, and then come back bright and early on Saturday morning.

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